Rise of Legions - Roadmap to Full Release

Hey guys!

After our recent gameplay iteration, which saw lots of positive feedback, we think it’s important to get back on track for getting the game ready for release. So today, we’d like to share more information on our future plans with you, to keep everyone up to date on where the game is going. To do this, we’ve prepared a rough roadmap with all the important milestones to come, and some information on why we are working on each.

As a disclaimer: We see these as our most important goals, and plan on working on them in roughly the order listed below, however, as often is the case in game development, these things are still subject to change.

Now for the list, let’s jump right in!

1) Client Performance / Compatibility

In terms of performance, we think there is still lots of room for improvement. Our goal is to allow the maximum number of people to enjoy the game, no matter the power of their system. This will not only allow players with low-end systems to play the game, but also make the game smoother for everyone.

2) Server Stability

Servers are the backbone of any multiplayer game. We constantly need to keep working on these and improving their performance and stability. While this is not visible from the outside, it does take a lot of work and effort. So please be aware that things may occasionally seem slow, while we are actually hard at work behind the scenes. Another important point: All of our servers are currently located in Germany. This is very good for development purposes, but unfortunately leads to high pings for players in countries further away. So one of our big goals is to set up more servers spread out across the globe, so you can enjoy the game with good ping from anywhere.

3) Improvements to the User Interface

The User Interface is an important aspect of the game, especially for any new players. After two months of feedback and playing the game with lots and lots of players, we have a good idea of what needs to be done to make the most out of the UI for everyone. This will include usability overhauls and probably one or two system redesigns (I’m looking at you, ascension popup!).

4) 2v2

2v2 is still our highest mid-term priority. All previous milestones are really just the necessary preparation for getting 2v2 up and running smoothly. Like a lot of you guys, we are super excited about getting it going as soon as possible, but we need to lay the required groundwork first. Once the technical foundation is laid with the previous points, we are going to start testing of 2v2 and want to get it out to players soon after.

5) Cards and Skins System Iteration

We put a lot of thought into how cards and also how skins should work before going into Early Access. Nevertheless, we think there’s always room for improvement, especially in areas so central to the game. We will likely iterate on the cards and skins system at least one more time before going into full release.

6) Bugfixes and Balancing

Fixing bugs and balancing the game is of course an ongoing process. While we work on these milestones for full release, we will always be fixing bugs and improving the game, as well as keeping an eye on the meta.

And finally...

7) Blue Legion

This is it, the big one! Once the scene is set, and everything is prepared, we are going to put all our efforts into getting the Blue Legion ready for showtime. Release of the Blue Legion will most likely coincide with the game leaving Early Access and going full release. When that time comes, we are going to put all our energy into making the biggest splash possible and getting as many players as possible into the game. It’s going to be a blast!

We hope this list helped everyone get a clearer picture of where we are, and where the game is heading. We’re super happy to have such a great community, and we believe that you guys want the best for the game, same as we do. With this roadmap, we’re very confident the game is going to have the best chance of success, and we’re very happy to have you guys on board :)

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